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Digital Currency

Send and receive wire transfers to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

An Easy And Simple Way To Expand your Market.

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Easy Setup

Bitswipe is simple to integrate, get up and running in 10 minutes or less.

Buy/Sell Crypto

Easily convert your digital currency to cash in the bank using Bitswipe.

Accept Crypto

Digital Currency payments are a much more secure, convenient, and cheaper way of processing payments.

Expand Customer Base

Allow the opportunity for millions of new customers to shop at your business.

Easy Conversion & Transfer

Bitswipe's wallet makes it easy to convert payments from crypto to cash.

Expand your customer base by using Bitswipe to accept cryptocurrency payments.

E-commerce + Cryptocurrency

Easily receive and track your customer's purchases and crypto payments.

No ridiculous middleman fees. Bitswipe is your one-stop solution for cryptocurrency merchant services.

Ready to join the future of payment processing?